Your Over Critical Attitude Can Dampen Your Chat Line Dating Experience

Chat Line Dating Experience

We all are imperfect, there are flaws in us, then why we try to correct the other person. Don’t you think the world will become a better place to live if we learn to accommodate or learn to settle with the things that are imperfect?

There are couples and lovebirds who vow to shed their lives for their romantic partners, but when it comes to bear with each other’s weakness you find them arguing or leaving the relation.

Most of the chatline phone dating couples are quite romantic in the first few months, but soon they start seeing flaws in their relationship. What kind of stupid arguments poison relationship,  just check it out…

Clash over TV serials

We aren’t biased, but the truth is women are overly sensitive. They want everyone to dance to their tunes. The moment they find their partners don’t agree with them, they mouth adjectives, you find tough to digest. A few months there was a news in the paper where dating partner wanted to leave his friend because he liked to watch Game of Thrones. Now, what are you going to say about such a   situation?

She likes potatoes and you Tomatoes

You like continental food and your dating partner doesn’t relish it, so what?  two people may have different choices and this shouldn’t affect one’s relationship. In short, we just want to say don’t compel your dating partner to see things your way, otherwise, you will create distance in your relationship.

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Why didn’t you reply to messages?

Replying to message isn’t a big deal. If you nag your lover for not replying the message, it is likely things backfire. There are ten things running in everybody’s mind, if you expect your lover reply to every message, then you need a puppet, not the man.

Why didn’t you take me shopping?

Once your phone dating converts to offline line dating, few female partners become overly ambitious, they look forward to shopping in opulent malls, they expect sumptuous lunch in a known restaurant and when their wishes remain unfulfilled, they crib, and from here their relationship starts falling apart.


Friends, erotic phone chat line dating is harmless flirting, burdening your phone dating partner with too many demands is like sabotaging your own relationship. Here we just want to say, learn to avert arguments instead of fanning the flame