Why Feel Shy in Case You are a Lesbian?

true lesbian partner

A few things are not in your hand. Like, you don’t decide your parents or sexual preferences. If you are a girl and attracted towards a girl it is very normal. We are saying it normal because genes don’t understand what is social and what is against social faith.

We again echo, being a lesbian isn’t a crime at all. Sometimes people know their sexual preferences still they either deny or hide it. Like in your childhood years, you didn’t like to buy dolls or when you grew up and crossed your teenage, boys in sneakers and shorts didn’t stir your romantic side, if this had gone through these feelings you shouldn’t hide your lesbian status.

How to move once you know, you are a lesbian

To make life easy for you, tell your parents you are lesbian so that they don’t search a groom for you.  We understand, revealing true feelings will definitely not bring appreciation, but they know how to prepare you for the future.

Start searching true lesbian partner, who loves you more than you love yourself. In case, you aren’t able to find such a partner, then go for chat lines to forge a strong friendship.

Finding a soul mate is a pure destiny. Explore the places where sensible and beautiful girls often come. These places could be a canteen, beer bars, discotheques or restaurants.

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Don’t let week thoughts change your decisions. In case, some of your friends criticize you for your sexual orientation, let them do so, after all, it is your life.

Don’t share everything with your phone dating partner. Buy time to understand her choices, if she shares her life with you, listen to her story, without taking her words from the holy Quran.

Life is short, one bad choice can ruin your future, so live in reality, don’t run after a mirage.