Singles Phone Dating Partner is a Good Listener? 10 Signs to Check

When someone is in phone dating relationships, it is natural they want to be understood and heard by their partner. While good listeners are hard to come by, it is the key-decider that can either make or break the relationship. If you think this matches your life too when you are phone dating Singles in North America, you need to know the signs whether he/she is a good listener or not.

To help thousands of those local singles using reliable chat line company and trying to connect right dating partner, experts from top Singles Chat line has suggested a few signs that will help in finding the right single phone dating partner for you.

Must-Know Signs by best Chat Line to Judge Singles Phone Dating Partner

1. They interrupt during a conversation

Professionals from Livelinks Singles Chat Line believe if someone is interrupting you in between the conversation, he/she is not a good listener. This is considered an intrusive and rude attitude towards a phone dating partner.

2. They turn any type of conversation back to themselves

No matter what is the topic of conversation is going on between the two, they tend to bring that topic on themselves. For instance, if local phone dating singles are trying to explain how he/she has just enjoyed the trip, the other partner narrates their 5 years old story about themselves.

3. They don’t ask questions

Healthy and proper communication is one where the exchange of both information and ideas takes place, says reliable chat line expert. This should be a two-way conversation. However, if hot and singles men partner is not asking anything from you, he is not listening to your words.

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4. They nod their head excessively

Nodding head during conversation is a positive body language and shows that one person is listening to other’s words with full attention. But nodding excessively definitely shows that they are not listening to you at all.

5. They get defensive

You dialled local singles chat line numbers and got connected to like-minded singles of your choice. Sounds good! However, slowly you come to know that he/she gets defensive about anything if they think their ideas and opinions are not valued.

6. They hurry you along

When meeting face-to-face with your singles phone dating partner, if they are looking at their watch or eyeing on surrounding activities and also asking you to come to the point quicker, indicates that he is least interested in listening to the conversation between the two.

7. They show unwelcoming body language

Fidgeting and ticks not just show that your like-minded local singles phone dating partner is uncomfortable or maybe nervous but also convey the message that they are not completely engaged in the conversation with you.

8. They avoid eye contact

If your Livelinks phone dating partner is avoiding eye contact with you on the date, missing non-verbal cues, a dis-interested facial expression that indicates that he/she is not listening to you.

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9. They can’t wait for their turn to speak

Experts from the best chat line for singles believe that there’s a difference between excitement and anxiously tapping a foot when meeting hot and sexy phone dating partners. The later indicates that they can’t wait for their turn to speak and start sharing their opinion.

10. They are completely silent on phone or face-to-face meeting

Being a good listener is a good body language when dating someone. However, keeping the mouth completely shut and not letting a single word to come out, is a clear sign that he/she is not listening and is least interested in meeting and talking to you.

If these are the cases with you when you have imagined a lasting relationship with singles phone dating partners, it is high time to move on in life with a compatible match. Dial free trial phone dating numbers at top chat line for Singles, find and connect the one you think meets your expectations. Every day thousands of local singles across North America register their phone number at the best phone dating company. This increases the probability of meeting your exact preference without stepping out from home.