How to Be Safe During Chatline Phone Dating?

Safe During Chatline Phone Dating

It’s really nice to see you in delving into a relationship via Chatlines. But that decision comes with some cautions as well. It can be difficult some time to get away from threats of being hounded or abused while chatting using the phone line. So, before hitting the head into a relationship using the premium Chatlines, following are the tips that will keep you safe and protected.

Protect Your Identity:

Anonymity should be the first priority when you start a conversation on phone. As long as you’re not sure about the person’s ins and outs completely well, don’t disclose who you’re. Avoid disclosing your real name, age, address and other vital details. These details could be used to identify or locate you. If the person keeps insisting you to share your information, dump him/her immediately.

Don’t Trust Anybody Blindly:

Chatline is a virtual world where people live with fake names and identities. They create fancy profiles with exaggerated personal and professional details. They pretend to be some that they don’t. So before fixing a date with someone whom you met on Chatline, you should ensure that you have all the information about that person.

Tell Your Friends:

Tell your friends about your new Chatline friend. If not the entire, share with your best friend a part of conversation you did. May be your friend could notice something weird out of the chat history as a warning sign. Ask your friends to find the basic whereabouts of the person including his real name, his profession and his authenticity.

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Don’t Invite Anyone into Your Home:

Your home is the personal abode where you relax, cherish and enjoy. Never ever invite your Chatline friend on drink date or for a casual meeting on your home. It will give him/her an open access to your location. So that, in case you break up, the person could follow or stalk you. That would be really annoying and disturbing.

If you want to stop, say with confidence:

Finding the relationship futile and non-happening? Stop moving immediately. After you tell the person you’re not interested in the Chatline relationship any further, stop taking his calls or emails again. Continually responding to messages makes the person think you’re really interested. Don’t be afraid to be a bit rude. Give a clear signal that you are going to back off.