Does Your Dating Partner Love You or it’s Just Infatuation?

There is a difference between love and infatuation. If your online partner vows he loves you, check it out by observing his or her behaviorchat pattern. Yes, the behavior of your dating partner can easily tell if he loves you or it is mere infatuation.

What signs show infatuation, check here…

If you take your online phone dating partner on the dinner date and she orders the most expensive dishes, knowing you can’t afford, it is certainly infatuation.

Because, when you are in real love, you don’t count money, but feelings matter for you.  If your dating partner is a cheater, she won’t like to confront the harsh realities of life.  Once she has too many bottles of beers, she will take big oaths and later on break them once she gains senses.

She will cancel dinner dates after a few offline meetings.

If your phone dating partner loves you she will not break the promises.  Whereas,  if her love is just infatuation, she will cancel offline dinner dates or pretend she is too busy to meet you.

She will praise or criticize her ex-friends too often.

When the love is real, the person lives in reality, whereas when it is infatuation, he or she runs from it. In case, your chat line partner compares you with her ex-friends, immediately realize she is still confused about her decisions in life.

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She thinks life is all about enjoyment only.

If your phone dating doesn’t want to listen to the experiences you have had then don’t waste time on such a chat line partner.  Don’t forget, infatuation is like a bubble, if your chat line partner lives in a dreamland, then let her be in that dream place, you start finding someone who understands you for what you are…