Beware of Most Common Chatline Scams

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With buzzing demands of Chatlines, mobile phones have gradually become where singles mingle. Most of the people who visit Chatlines are interested in engaging conversation. There are even those looking for erotic and sensual talk. Few people join Chatlines to create long term relationships and some people hit the place to find true love. However, like any other popular service, there are scams associated with it.

The blog explains few notorious scams that you should aware of before diving deeper into the service.

Help Requests

The scam involves an average looking women who responds to all your messages. Once you get involved with her at some extent, she narrates the story of alleged turbulences in her life. After a few days, she tells you that things have escalated into painstaking unbearable all-out turmoil. Her emotional story could be anything including dying parent, an evil uncle and ailing grandparents.

The scammer tells that the villain uncle responsible for all her misery finally turns back to her. Now, swayed away by her emotional suffering script, you offer to fly her from her hometown to yours. You send her the fare, and she closes the account dupes you of cash.

Business Opportunities:

While normal conversations, the person pulls you into a business opportunity that’s shining and could bring massive fortune. He adds that this invitation opportunity will last for a week and limited to a certain number of people. He assures you of huge returns against your investment and even promises you about twenty fold returns.  To support his claims, even presents a set of forged and manipulated data. This is a complete scam that could cost you huge.

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Fake Police Officer:

Well, it’s pretty easy to guess what the scam could look like. A person on Chatline claims to be a police officer and con people by threatening that he’s caught them doing something wrong. The caller calls the victim over the phone as a police offer and tells that the woman he talked on Chatline was actually a juvenile. The suspect then demands to pay him $500 to avoid being arrested.

It’s easy to avoid such scams and save time and money. Most of the Chatlines allow you block any potentially scandalous callers. Don’t allow other to con you in any manner.